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VATORINE CAPSULES ( Medicine for Joint Pains & Joint Problems)
[90 Capsules]
 Our Price: $25.00
VATORINE CAPSULES   ( Medicine for Joint Pains & Joint Problems)
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Short Description

COMPOSITION: Each capsule contains processed extracts of:
Boswellia serrata                            150mg
Commiphora mukul                       100mg
Pluchea lanceolata                         50mg
Withania somniferra                      50mg
Cinnamomum zelanicum              50mg

Trikatu (Piper longum;

Piper nigrum and

 Zingiber officinale                      75mg

Asphaltum 25mg And Decoctions of Tinospora cordifolia , Pluchea lanceolata Tribulus terrestris


Vatorine is used in case of: paraplegia, hemiplegia, gout and sciatica.Bone and joint pains, arthritis, other acute rheumatic conditions, spondilitis & lumbago, osteoporosis, morning stiffness.


We offer joint care capsules, joint pain supplements for pain in any king of human body joint. Modern medicine recognizes more than 100 types of joint conditions. It is one of the most common chronic and degenerative health problems in the world. Causes can be attributed to injury, infections, metabolic conditions, or even tumors but the main cause is from a toxic condition. Arthritis is mainly a Vata (air) disease which involves pain and weakening of the bones (the main Vata tissue in the body). In most cases the causes remain unknown to western medicine. Disorders are also related to age, sex and weather conditions. Ayurveda also cites causes related to digestive disorders. We manufacturer, exporter and supplier of herbal joint care capsules and natural herbal arthritis remedies.
  • Helps to releif from joint pains,knee pains
  • Helps to control arthiritis and spondilitis
  • Helps to mainatin healthy bone joints

Main Causes and Development Of our Herbal Joint Care Capsules : Causes include both internal and external factors. Arthritis is more common in windy, damp and stormy climates. It is related to weak digestion which causes the accumulation of toxins in the joints, as we age our digestive power weakens. Poor colon function allows the toxins to accumulate and be reabsorbed back into the blood stream and settle in the joints where circulation is reduced. Eating incompatible food combinations, foods which create toxins, lack of exercise or exercising after eating fatty foods or poor digestion, produces ama (undigested food toxins). Ama associated with Vata (internal moving body air) quickly moves to different parts of the body and accumulates where circulation is sluggish or slow such as the hands, knees and other bone joints filling the blood vessels with a waxy type material. It is also more common in old age when Vata naturally increases in the body. Meat diet, foods such as ice cream, to much concentrated dairy such as aged cheese or globs of sour cream or cheese with your meals, cold foods especially during cold weather which weaken the digestion, heavy cakes, pastries and candies, packaged and processed foods with little fiber are the main dietary causes. Gas producing vegetables and legumes also create more internal air which pushes the toxins into the joints. This ama blocks tissue pores and passages. This causes heaviness and weakness of the heart which becomes the seat of the disease.


Each capsule contains 500 mg of  Boswellia serrata  150mg, Commiphora mukul  100mg, Pluchea lanceolata  50mg, Withania somniferra  50mg,  Cinnamomum zelanicum  50mg, Trikatu (Piper longum;,Piper nigrum and Zingiber officinale   75mg, Asphaltum 25mg And Decoctions of Tinospora cordifolia , Pluchea lanceolata Tribulus terrestris


  One cap thrice a day with water.


Contra-indications : Vatorine capsules are well tolerated and have shown no allergic or other untoward side effects when taken as per the recommended dosage. Cautions must be taken if pregnant or nursing.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 December, 2011.

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